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IDM is a fairly popular software today when the need to Download files to the computer for use. For Chrome or Firefox, the ability to download files is not enough, we need an application that is flexible and can download all files including Youtube videos. IDM is versatile software and responds very well to this. Let’s find out how to download IDM 2022 with ThongWP.Com.

Functions of IDM

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a tool for managing and scheduling downloads. It can use full bandwidth (maximum download speed). It has resiliency and resume capabilities to recover downloads interrupted by connection loss, network problems, and power outages. This will help you download large files of several tens of GB or more, which can pause the file download until some time to continue downloading at this location without having to reload from the beginning.

Here are the functions of IDM that Internet Download Manager developers have introduced:

  • Enter a link to download
  • It is possible to automatically update the download address that has been downloaded.
  • Split a file into multiple streams for faster loading
  • Just need the link to download
  • Download different types of files: documents, movies, photos, games, applications, etc.
  • Download multiple files at once
  • Recent downloads list for easy access to the directory
  • Filenames can use Unicode characters
  • Flexible bandwidth, save download list on software, can manage and delete this list
  • See where the download is progressing
  • Get automatic download link, it will detect videos, music, documents and show downloadable icon right away
  • Pause download: you need to download large files, this is great
  • Download via various protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and MMS.
  • Good protocols like Basic, NTLM, Negotiate, Keberos make it possible for IDM to access websites that require a login and password.

Why you should use IDM

IDM has everything you need to be able to download documents, applications, games, software, movies, .. online without any difficulty. Unlike using Chrome or Coc Coc will be very limited to some extent. It is no coincidence that IDM is always in the top of the software that must be installed on everyone’s computer. Many people consider downloading IDM 2022 to their computer a very familiar job if they do not want the computer to lose a powerful function of downloading files.

Not only that, you will save a lot of time when entertaining and working with IDM software. When the era of 4.0, time is always something that needs to be accelerated even more, the time of Internet speed “crawling” has been downloaded one by one. This software will give you the greatest possible download speed, just afraid that your network is not strong enough for IDM to take full advantage.

Link to download the latest IDM 2022 version 6.41 buid 6

Software name IDM (Internet Download Manager)
Function Download files to your computer with high speed, support to pause downloading files
Author ThongWP.Com
Language English
Version 6.41 Build 6 (Latest – Updated on December 9, 2022)
Request Turn off Windows Defender software
Free Yes
Password Get Password
Setup File Crack File

Instructions for installing and registering IDM

Step 1: Install IDM on your computer

– After downloading IDM 2022 to your computer, including 2 files: Installation File and IDM Registration File, extract these 2 files, we will use the IDM Setup File first. This is the installation interface of the initial IDM, click the ” Next ” button to continue:

Download the latest permanent IDM Full Crack 2022
Download IDM 2022

– Here, the next window, you tick the box “ I accept the term in the license agreement ” for you like the picture below. Then click the “Next” button to continue:

Install IDM
Check the box ” I accept the term in the license agreement ” and then click the ” Next ” button.

– Continue to click “ Next ” one more time


Continue clicking the “ Next ” button.

Here you click “ Next ” to confirm the installation of IDM on your computer after downloading.

Install IDM
Click “ Next ” to start IDM Setup

Now the system is automatically installing IDM on your computer for you. Wait a few seconds and it’s done. When a notification window has completed the installation, click the Finish button to finish the installation process.

Click Finish to finish the installation
Click Finish to finish installing IDM 2022 

– Here you have finished installing IDM. If you continue to use it, you will get a free trial version, valid for 30 days. After 30 days, IDM automatically detects overdue and it will automatically exit, unable to use this software. You only have 2 options, one to delete it from your computer and the other to swipe your Visa card to buy a license for nearly 700 thousand VND. The price is quite acrid for most Vietnamese people who like to use temple goods. You need to register to use IDM 2022 for free after downloading and installing it.

Step 2: Register IDM after downloading and installing

Important: You Need to Disable Windows Defender Antivirus for successful registration. If you turn it on, the IDM registration process will malfunction, it cannot be done.

You download the file IDM Registration above, extract it. After decompressing, you get a File named Patch.exe . You right-click on this Patch.exe file . Select copy like in the picture I did here:

Download the latest IDM Full Crack Eternal 2022 1
Download IDM 2022, copy Patch.exe file

After clicking “Copy”, paste this Patch.exe file into the path of the IDM installation folder. This path is: This PC / Local Disk (C:) / Program Files (x86) / Internet Download Manager. That means you open this folder, right-click and click the Paste button to paste like in the image below:

Download the latest IDM Full Crack Eternal 2022 2
Paste in the IDM installation folder

Here it will ask if you want to continue pasting, click Continue to continue

Download the latest IDM Full Crack Eternal 2022 3
Click Continue (continue)

Now you have successfully pasted the Patch.exe file into the IDM installation directory. The next thing to do is to click on this Patch.exe file to open it, we will start Registration. You click on the Patch.exe file :


Download the latest IDM Full Crack Eternal 2022 4
Download the latest IDM 2022, click on the Patch.exe file

Click the C r@ck button so it will automatically register IDM, you don’t need to do anything complicated.

Download the latest IDM Full Crack Eternal 2022 5
Download the latest IDM 2022

You wait about 5 seconds for it to complete the registration. Click the Finish button to close it.

Download the latest IDM Full Crack Eternal 2022 6
Download IDM 2022

Ok so you’ve almost successfully registered the IDM software. Now we will check if this software has really been successfully cracked, by opening IDM , clicking Help / About IDM . If it is currently Full Registered like in the image below, you have successfully registered:


Install IDM
Full Registered message means IDM has been successfully registered

Benefits of using IDM from ThongWP.Com

  • Download IDM 2022 without having to spend money to buy a license
  • Download reaches maximum speed, can pause downloading files, next day download again
  • Always update to the latest version (currently 2022 version)
  • When there is a new update, you can download it here to use the latest version from IDM developer.


Above is the entire content I have shown you how to Download IDM 2022 already. Just follow the instructions correctly and you can use this IDM software for free. If you have any questions, please comment below so I can answer them. Good bye.

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